How to get to the top of Instagram and what you need to do?

Instagram is a social network that strives to provide users with high-quality content, for which it is constantly being improved.

Here there is a certain algorithm for forming the news feed and publications, which ensures that the most interesting publications appear at the top of the feed. Recently, the TOP tab has appeared, where the posts that have received the most likes and views fall. Learn about the main factors that allow you to reach the TOP.

How to get to the top

In order to get the opportunity to get into the TOP, you need to provide users with a high-quality and attractive image. The algorithm used takes into account many points:

  1. The speed of gaining likes, views and comments, which will help free instagram likes without login. This is really very convenient, because it is quite easy to get the right number of likes using special services.
  2. Save to bookmarks – this parameter affects the output, so the more saves, the better.
  3. Subscriptions – accounts that the user is subscribed to, often fall into the lists of recommendations. Hashtags – their role has recently decreased somewhat, but in combination with other factors, they matter.
  4. Geolocation-Instagram gives preference to posts associated with a specific location.


In order to bring a photo or video to the TOP, you need to follow some recommendations:

  1. The quality of the content-you need to make the main emphasis on it, this applies to the image itself, its meaning, and the personality of the blogger.
  2. Regular posts — you should keep the user’s attention, for which it is important to regularly post fresh publications, it is optimal to do this daily. Publications should be interesting and useful, which helps to add them to bookmarks.
  3. The content should motivate the users of the network to leave comments. You can conduct games, sweepstakes, and surveys. Interaction with other bloggers-allows you to increase the audience of each of the partners.
  4. In the statistics of the business account, you can check the hours of user activity, this information is useful when choosing the time of publications.
  5. Attracting traffic from other sources-you should invite the audience from another social network to subscribe to the page in Instagram.

You need to correctly approach the promotion, taking into account the algorithm of the network, the behavior and interests of users.