The perfect wedding in Georgia: what you need to know

You don’t know where to organize your wedding? Are you interested in a beautiful and presentable place?

Then find out more about organizing a wedding on the Miel in Georgia. In order for the holiday to go perfectly, you need to remember some features of its organization.

Venue selection

There are many different places in Georgia where you can have a wedding. In Tbilisi, for example, there are cozy restaurants and very beautiful streets. In Kazbegi you will have a themed wedding, because there are many stunning views of the mountains and estates with vineyards.

Georgian cuisine

You will be able to surprise your holiday guests with truly exquisite dishes of Georgian cuisine. In restaurants, khachapuri, satsivi, khinkali and other national delicacies are served at ceremonial tables. Each person will definitely be pleasantly surprised by such an assortment of delicious dishes.

Traditional rituals

You will hold a wedding ceremony in Georgian style. These are toasts, national dances, rituals. Thanks to such moments, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of local culture.


Use Georgian elements in your wedding decorations. These are traditional patterns and flowers, national decorations. This way the holiday will take place in a truly authentic atmosphere.


Invite guests to taste local wines. There are many wineries in Georgia that deserve attention. You can also arrange a real wine corner at your celebration.

Local traditions

Add elements of Georgian customs to your wedding program. This is pouring wine from a cow’s horn or the Kutaisi dance “Chakhokhbili”, as well as other options.

Take advantage of Georgia’s picturesque landscapes for a memorable photo shoot. Mountain peaks, green valleys or ancient castles will create stunning shots that will be a worthy decoration for the new family’s photo album!