About one of the best museums in the United Arab Emirates

Concern for the future and the desire to bring it closer is one of the cornerstones of the policy of the United Arab Emirates. They strive to develop and implement the latest technologies, improve the natural environment and people’s lives.

To show our ideas about where and how society is moving, the Museum of the Future was created in Dubai. You can learn about its exposure and features by reading more information on the https://world-arabia.com/ru/articles/museum-of-the-future-v-dubae-opisanie-i-interesnye-fakty/.

Main characteristics

The museum opened its doors to visitors in 2022. The idea for the concept of the site was submitted by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is the current ruler of the Emirate of Dubai. Construction began in 2016 and lasted five years. Another year was spent equipping the museum with modern engineering systems and creating an exhibition.

Among the main topics, it is worth highlighting exhibitions dedicated to space exploration, the development of ecosystems and bioengineering technologies, and industries related to human health and well-being.

Little visitors are not forgotten. Interactive sections dedicated to mathematics, art and other areas of human activity have been created for them.

The very idea of ​​the exhibition space is to combine the exposition itself and provide a platform to demonstrate real developments in the field of high technologies that bring the future closer.

The futuristic appearance was conceived by architect Sean Killa as a reflection of the main idea of ​​the museum, while the toroidal shape made it possible to create column-free spaces inside, which gives a large volume of interiors and provides great opportunities for varied and original placement of exhibitions.

Facts about the museum

It is conceived as an example of an environmentally friendly building that leaves no carbon footprint and is economical in its use of natural resources. All electrical energy comes from solar panels installed on various suitable surfaces.

Wastewater is partially recycled and reused, which is very important for a country located in the desert. These technologies demonstrate current capabilities in these areas, and also demonstrate advances that will be in great demand in the future.

The museum is open from 9:30 to 21:00 and is located in the financial district of Dubai. To enter you need to buy a ticket costing 149 dirhams. Children under 4 years old and people with disabilities have free admission. They can also be accompanied by an adult guardian free of charge.