Penetration Testing to identify cybersecurity weaknesses

Your business needs a smart and secure infrastructure. Only in this case will hackers not be able to access your personal information.

Pen test is a suitable option because all weak points can be detected in a timely manner. Contact CQR for truly high-quality services.

Pentest: what are its main tasks?

Penetration Testing will be needed if you need to detect vulnerabilities in the general infrastructure. You can also check systems and networks separately, and the functioning of the software. With Penetration Testing Service Provider, you can prevent attackers from gaining access to your core data.

If pentest is ignored, you may face hacker attacks. Money may be stolen from your accounts, you will lose lawsuits and spend a large sum on lawyers. But financial losses can also be indirect. You will not be able to conduct business, since systems and networks will not work, and various information will be stolen. A company can lose its reputation in just a few days.

What types of pentest are there?

Such testing is divided into several main types. Among the main characteristics of the options:

  1. External pentest. This is penetration testing. You can evaluate the effectiveness of an organization’s external security. Cyber attacks will be prevented, resource vulnerability will not be pronounced, and the functioning of systems will improve. CQR uses innovative technologies that produce effective results.
  2. Inner package. You can check the level of a company’s security against those cyber attacks that are associated with hackers’ access to internal networks. Testing will also indicate whether malicious employees can hack the system. You will be able to eliminate various unpleasant situations and all sorts of risks.
  3. Testing the access point (Internet). You can check how secure your wireless Internet connection is. You can prevent the risk of information leakage; it will not fall into the hands of third parties.

The CQR organization is your guarantee of the safe operation of systems. Now the business will be under reliable protection, since it is not afraid of hacker attacks. You will not encounter information leaks, will not lose a large amount of money and will maintain your reputation. Fill out the application on the website so that experienced managers will contact you!